The Perfect Companion


During our date, the donation should be cash in an unsealed envelope. Deposits can be in Amazon Giftcards, XBT, ZEC, MON, LTC, or ETH. If there's a cryptocurrency you like, I can probably accept that too! 

Extensions during our date are $600 per extra unplanned hour. 

If we are doing an incall, I will need $50 extra to cover the cost of renting a room. 


Extended Visits and Vacations

Once we've gotten to know each other, I have my passport ready and am eager for adventure. 

24 hours: $6000

Weekend getaway: $10000

HARMONY: 1 hour, $800. SF / East Bay only.

SERENADE: 1.5 hours, $1000. Recommended for our first meeting. 

FANTASIE: 2 hours, $1200

ROMANCE: 3 hours, $1600 

MINUET: 4 hours, $2000.

GAVOTTE: 6 hours, $2800. At least 2 hours of outside time required.

NOCTURNE: 14 hours, $4000. Let me hold you in the night and wake you with warm cuddles. 7 hours of sleep and 50% deposit required. 

REVERIE: 12 hours, $4500. When we spend the entire day together, we can do all sorts of things. Let's adventure, cuddle and watch a movie, catch a big game, eat at your favorite restaurants, and connect deeply over our interests. 50% deposit required.